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Title: Exploring the Kenyan Smartphone Market: Brands and Usage Trends

In recent years, Kenya has witnessed a significant uptick in smartphone penetration, owing to the burgeoning tech-savvy population and more affordable mobile devices flooding the market. This blog delves into the prevalent smartphone brands in Kenya and the evolving usage trends as of 2023.

Dominant Smartphone Brands

The smartphone arena in Kenya is quite vibrant with several brands vying for a slice of the market pie. Among the notable brands are:

  1. Samsung: Known for its wide range of models catering to various budget segments.
  2. Xiaomi: Offering a balance of price and performance, Xiaomi has been a popular choice.
  3. Realme: This brand has been gaining traction for its budget-friendly options.
  4. Apple: With its premium range, Apple caters to the high-end market segment.
  5. Techno: A brand that has carved a niche in the budget to mid-range market.
  6. Huawei: Known for its innovative features and competitive pricing.
  7. Infinix: Highly popular among the youth, Infinix offers cool features at budget prices

Smartphone Usage Trends

Smartphone penetration in Kenya has been on an upward trajectory. As of January 2023, the country recorded 63.9 million mobile connections, reflecting a smartphone penetration rate of over 100%. The penetration level of smartphones was noted at 54.5% in 2021, and it increased to 61% by June 2023. This rise indicates a shifting preference from feature phones to smartphones despite the cost associated with the latter

Moreover, the mobile operating system landscape is predominantly ruled by Google’s Android, accounting for 88.8% of the market share in Kenya as of August 2023. Apple’s iOS follows, albeit with a significantly lower market share, reflecting the affordability factor of Android devices in comparison to Apple’s premium pricing

Vendor Market Share

As of September 2023, the market share of mobile vendors in Kenya is distributed with Samsung leading the pack, followed by Tecno, and other brands like Infinix, Nokia, and Oppo also making a mark. This distribution underscores the competitive nature of the Kenyan smartphone market and the diverse options available to consumers


The Kenyan smartphone market presents a dynamic and competitive landscape with numerous brands striving to cater to diverse consumer preferences. The ongoing upward trend in smartphone adoption denotes a promising trajectory for both existing and emerging mobile brands in the region. The market’s vibrancy is further fueled by the wide range of smartphone options, from budget to premium, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Get your smartphone in Kenya at Zenex Technologies today

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