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Samsung 3D Screen Protect


  • Protects your smartphone’s display from unexpected falls and annoying scratches.
  • The tempered glass construction ensures better resistance compared to conventional protectors.
  • Maintains high touch sensitivity for smooth interaction with your device.
  • Offers a comfortable touch feeling while using your smartphone.
  • Provides 9H glass strength, adding an extra layer of durability.
  • Features an anti-shatter film with a silicone coating to prevent sharp glass shards in case of breakage.
  • Utilizes advanced silicone adhesion for easy and bubble-free installation.
  • Offers a sensitive touch mirror function, enhancing your overall user experience.



Introducing the Samsung 3D Screen Protector, designed to keep your Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s display safe and secure.

Compatibility: This screen protector is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, ensuring a perfect fit.

Type: Crafted from premium tempered glass, it offers enhanced protection compared to standard protectors.

Key Features:

  • Full Coverage: This screen protector provides full coverage, ensuring that your entire display is protected from edge to edge.
  • Colored Frames: It features colored frames, adding a touch of style to your smartphone while also providing additional protection.
  • Curved Edges: The protector is designed with curved edges, seamlessly blending with your phone’s screen for a smooth and edge-to-edge look.

Scratch and Shock Resistance:

  • High Scratch Resistance: The tempered glass offers high scratch resistance, guarding your screen against daily wear and tear.
  • High Shock Resistance: It provides high shock resistance, helping to absorb the impact from accidental drops or bumps.

Price: The Samsung 3D Screen Protector is competitively priced at just Ksh 500 in Kenya.

Give your Samsung Galaxy smartphone the protection it deserves with the Samsung 3D Screen Protector. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your device’s display is safeguarded against scratches and impacts while retaining its touch sensitivity and functionality.

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